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Welcome to    Purplemint

PurpleMint is a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to provide you with skin that is both healthy and nourished. Our company strives to create organic, safe, and healthy products. We present you with a promising range of skincare products based on natural and effective safe components, with a focus on optimal care and nurturing. Our products are well tested in labs and to make sure they are safe to use. Our product ensures a unique blend of nature and care, as well as great performance and enrichment.

PurpleMint offers you companionship throughout your skincare journey; with our extensive choice of products, we tend to provide you with the best and effective skincare. Let’s aid your skin with natural ingredients and embrace yourself with the mixture of beauty and health.

Our   Founder

Our parent company was set up in 1994. with years of hard work and dedication, Mrs Harvinder Kaur has successfully created a well-known range of organic skincare products She has completed various accredited courses in Ayurvedic Cosmetology, Perfumery, and Aroma Therapy, skin and hair care, and fragrance creation. She has been interviewed in various cosmetic journals due to her extensive knowledge.

Her philosophy is to build a brand that provides the best skincare products and promotes the concept of healthy and safe skin. She aims to make PurpleMint one of the top brands in India.