Night Cream Benefits, Points to keep in mind while choosing night cream

You must have often wondered why it is called “Beauty sleep” and why people are so particular about their night skincare routine. That is because during the day our skin goes through a lot of dirt, pollution, and other environmental or other damages, therefore at night our skin repairs itself and starts to build up new skin cells.

People think that using the same products at night that they use during the day would work, but no, night-time skincare products contain different elements and work differently. Also just washing our face with water isn’t enough, our skin needs a lot more than that. The nighttime skincare routine focuses on hydration and repair of the skin making it firm and even.

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Difference between regular Moisturiser and night cream

The minimal difference between a regular moisturiser and a night cream is that a night cream works in a more profound way than a regular moisturiser does because it is way thicker than a regular moisturiser, providing more amount of hydration to our skin. Purple-mint provides full hydration to your skin and makes it flawless like never before. Also, the skin absorbs 15% more at night than it does during the day. Purple-mint night cream contains anti-aging ingredients, and since our skin absorbs better at night it increases the amount of anti-aging benefits received overnight. A regular moisturiser is generally non-sticky and non-oily so that it can be applied under makeup easily. On the other hand, purple-mint night cream is heavier in texture to provide better hydration as compared to other creams.

Points to keep in mind while choosing Night Cream

While choosing the night cream you should keep in mind what are the requirements of your skin. Not every night cream can go with every skin type. So, keeping in mind your skin type and the

requirements, choose the night cream wisely. Make sure the cream is not too thick as it can block your skin pores making your skin difficult to breathe. Also, ensure that the cream is fragrance-free and non-toxic.Purple-mint tries its best to suit your skin type without any difficulty helping your skin gain back its nourishment.

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Know your skin type

Night creams are not one-size-fits-all products and picking one up suiting your skin type may be a little confusing because our skin goes through different stages at different points of time.

Oily skin requires hydration as much as any other skin type. It’s just that you have to keep in mind to not buy greasy cream, instead buy a non-greasy, light, and non-comedogenic product that will not block the pores and control the production of oil.

If you have dry skin, make sure your night cream provides enough moisture and hydration, soothing inflammation and redness, and helps skin to rebuild overnight.

If you neither have an oily or a dry but a combination skin, then gel-based night cream is a good go-to product for you.

Sensitive skin type can quickly become dry and irritable. Pick a light texture that is hypoallergenic. Look for labels saying non-irritating, free of parabens, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, urea, DEA or TEA as these ingredients can lead to itchiness or redness.

Night creams containing Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and glycerine helps to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines keeping the skin smooth and soft. While buying look for components like collagen, peptides, lipids, copper, soy extracts, retinol, ceramides, essential oils, and vitamins.

Purple-mint night cream contains most of these ingredients which generally suits every skin type from dry, rough, sensitive to a combination of all, purple-mint night cream neither comes in a very thick texture nor very thin. It provides the balanced hydration that the skin requires.

Benefits of purple-mint night cream

Purple-mint night cream provides a number of benefits to your skin. It provides moisture to the dry parts of your face, therefore keeping it hydrated. It soothes your face and also ensures that your skin has a uniform texture along with having a great skin appearance. The night cream boosts the collagen in your skin and helps in better blood circulation. It reduces wrinkles and other lines on your face and makes your skin soft and graceful. The purple-mint night cream helps in the renewal of cells and nourishes the skin, helps the skin restore its elasticity and your aging skin may not look old anymore. One of the major roles that Purple-mint night cream plays is that it prevents your skin from drooping.

Ingredients in a night cream

The night cream contains a number of elements like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, olive oil, Apricot oil, Rose oil, Aloe vera, Honey, Shea butter, Jasmine, anti-aging components, Amino acids, Copper, Antioxidants, collagen, etc. which helps your skin hydrate and gain it’s lost essentials back.

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