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“Oh wow! Look how pretty your skin glows.” Do you miss hearing such compliments? Is your skin not behaving the way you want it to even after making every effort? You might be wondering what’s causing it! Before searching for more ways to bring luster and life back to your skin, it is really important to have a closer look to what are the causes of dull skin.

Dull skin is often defined as skin that looks unhealthy, lusterless, and uneven but that’s not it, it is much more than that. Some common signs that tell us that the skin is dull are dehydrated skin, dark under eyes, and skin looking much darker and less radiant than before.

Major causes for dull skin are:-

Desiccated skin:

The amount of water intake per day directly affects your skin’s health in several ways. Lack of hydration leads to a decrease in blood circulation to the skin, thus making it look tired and pale. So when our skin doesn’t get enough water it starts looking dull, fine lines and wrinkles are more defined, and also shadows around the eyes and dark under-eye circles.

Over or lack of exfoliation:

It is really important to exfoliate your skin one or two times a week in order to remove dead skin cells and dirt gathered all over your face which makes it tough for your skin to absorb moisture. But exfoliating too often can wipe out the protective layer of your skin making it lose all its moisture.

Dead skin cells:

Your skin goes through a lot of changes as you get older, with this your skin starts producing less oil than your youth which causes the skin to give birth to dead skin cells making it look dull and pale.


A poor diet can snatch away your skin’s glow. Diet plays a very important role in keeping up with your perfect healthy skin.

No moisturization:

Hydration to your skin is what tom is to jerry, both if separated then will lose their shine and look lifeless. If not moisturised regularly, your skin will lack hydration, making it look dull and also rough.

Lack of sleep:

When we don’t get enough good sleep, the residual fatigue can be clearly seen on our faces. Just the way our brain needs enough sleep to function properly, our skin too needs proper sleep for skin cells to work/ function properly. Lack of sleep leads to under-eye puffiness and dullness.

Choosing wrong skincare products:

Selecting the wrong products not match your skin type may be really problematic for your skin. Using harsh soaps or any other product not suiting your skin can steal the moisture and essential oils from your skin. Also, many skincare products contain harmful elements that can create an allergic reaction to your skin.

Not removing your makeup:

You should always wash your face before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup on can gather a lot of dirt and rubble on your face which leads to shutting down of pores and making your skin look lifeless, dull, uneven, and lustreless.

How can you prevent dull skin?

Stay hydrated-Drinking enough water every day can help you prevent skin dullness to an extreme level. Hydration is key to glowing, lustrous healthy skin.

Choose the right skin care products:

Choose the products with the right pH balance matching that of your skin. A heavy cream-based moisturiser is right for dry skin and lotion or gel-based moisturiser for oily skin.

Remove your makeup: DO NOT forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. Makeup can lock the pores making the skin unable to breathe.

Eat well:

A healthy diet is very necessary for healthy skin. Our skin needs properly balanced food. Unhealthy oils, packaged food, etc. should be ignored as much as you can.


Exfoliating your skin twice a week is very necessary. If you haven’t started yet or have not done it in the past few days them this is your reminder. GO EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN!!!

Home remedies:

Using natural things like Aloe vera, lemon, honey, yogurt, cucumber, etc. can be really helpful in bringing back life to your skin. Your skin will get back its natural glow, radiance, and luster.

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